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Commercial criminal law and
Criminal tax law in Munich

schirach.law is active nationwide - from its Munich office - in all areas of white-collar crime and criminal tax law.

Individual defence

schirach.law is in primarily tailored to the effective criminal defense of individuals in white collar criminal law and criminal tax law. In these areas, we can draw on extensive, procedural knowledge and tactical skills that have been increasingly refined over the past 15 years.

Commercial criminal law is inextricably linked to criminal tax law, as hardly any entrepreneurial activity is without tax consequences. That is why schirach.law also advises and defends clients in criminal tax law proceedings from the first procedural measure to the conclusion of the proceedings. In addition, schirach.law has many years of experience in constructive dialog with the tax authorities and law enforcement agencies. A comprehensive network of tax experts is available for tax audits as well as tax dispute proceedings - with the aim of achieving a mutually advantageous conclusion to the proceedings.

As a rule, the primary goal is a "quiet", out-of-court settlement with the tax authorities or law enforcement agencies. The reputational risks of a high-profile main hearing must be avoided. schirach.law also masters the procedural craft of effectively defending clients in contentious main hearings and enforcing their rights.

Companies and corporations

schirach.law also provides competent legal advice to companies and public corporations. When advising and representing companies as well as municipalities, cities and public authorities, the forensic experience gained in traditional criminal defense regularly proves its worth. This results in an equally high level of expertise in preventive compliance advice as well as the active representation of participating companies and public corporations in pending criminal proceedings.

schirach.law actively supports companies and corporations in preventing criminally relevant actions in a timely and effective manner. Similarly, indications of possible misconduct can be followed up in the course of internal investigations and sufficient suspicious facts can be brought to criminal charges. Official proceedings are subsequently accompanied in close coordination with the investigating authorities and constant attention is paid to safeguarding the interests of the company.

Even in the case of an order for asset seizure measures (confiscation, arrest, asset detention) schirach.law actively assists affected companies in enforcing their rights.

Witness assistance

Another aspect of schirach.law's activities is the counselling and representation of witnesses as witness counsel. This applies to criminal proceedings in the field of white collar crime as well as to internal investigations. On the basis of the experience gained in the course of individual defence, any risks that may arise for witnesses during their interrogation can be identified at an early stage and any rights to information or to refuse to testify can be assessed.

Areas of expertise

schirach.law 's commitment to commercial criminal law and criminal tax law is to be understood as a distinct passion. This can be traced back to a strong interest in economic contexts, the persons acting in economic life as well as the resulting complex life issues. For schirach.law, effective criminal defense means forming a powerful unit with the client. This is because the decisive "competitive advantage", which is not available to the criminal investigation authorities, results from the wealth of knowledge of one's own client.

Over the last 15 years schirach.law has been able to build up comprehensive expertise in various special fields. Only those who have learned to understand the special subject matter and are familiar with its dynamics are able to advise with foresight and apply applicable law for the benefit of their clients.

  • Exhaust gas manipulation
  • Criminal law relating to shares
  • Investment fraud
  • Labor Criminal Law
  • Foreign Trade Criminal Law
  • Self-disclosure in accordance with the Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance
  • Bankruptcy offenses
  • Criminal Banking Law
  • Bribery / Corruptibility
  • Industrial accidents
  • Crypto Crime / Cryptocurrency Crime.
  • Cum / Ex procedure
  • Cyber Crime / Internet Criminal Law
  • Data and data network crimes
  • Design criminal law
  • Money laundering
  • Insolvency offences
  • Insolvency Procrastination
  • Capital Market Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law on Corruption
  • Food Criminal Law
  • Trademark and copyright criminal law
  • Sanction Criminal Law
  • Self-disclosure under criminal tax law
  • Social security fraud
  • Criminal tax law
  • Environmental Criminal Law
  • Property offences
  • Competition criminal law
  • Customs Criminal Law