Crisis management



Corporate bodies

Risk & crisis management helps with effective risk & crisis management in criminal proceedings to recognize existing risks and master crises.

Even if we are aware that crises can come upon us spontaneously and usually out of the blue, we often forget that we are not helplessly at their mercy. Crises can be managed. They can be prepared for. Be it through a targeted crisis management plan that is tailored to your own company or department and the associated personal risks. But also through targeted training or workshops.

In case of doubt, however, the damage within the company or department can also be contained in the short term by keeping calm in the eye of the hurricane and jointly developing a strategy that can be implemented while the situation is still ongoing and still thinking about the future.

Crisis management for companies advises and represents companies in criminal law crises . This is often caused by the initiation of investigation proceedings against those responsible in the company. The misconduct of employees can result in severe fines for the company. In the last 10 years, however, companies themselves have also increasingly come under the scrutiny of investigating authorities. Germany has not yet had a genuine corporate criminal law. However, the possibility of a company being fined and having its profits confiscated already poses an economic risk to the company's existence, as well as reputational risks.

Crisis management in public administration

What is usually already common practice in large and medium-sized companies is not yet sufficiently implemented in public administration. Time and again, even high-ranking public officials are targeted by criminal investigations. These are often allegations of corruption. This damages not only the reputation of the accused, but often also the trust in the integrity of the public administration. It is therefore all the more important to implement appropriate control mechanisms within the framework of official and technical supervision or management responsibility in areas of work at risk of corruption. The regulations for the prevention of corruption should be adapted to the specific needs. A functioning compliance system ultimately makes everyday work easier.

Internal investigations

If there are indications of possible misconduct, works on these within the framework of internal investigations. Sufficient suspicious facts are brought to the attention of the prosecution in a targeted manner and as "quietly" as possible before external measures "make higher waves". closely coordinates the subsequent proceedings with the investigating authorities in order to protect the interests of companies or public corporations at an early stage.

Active company representation as part of crisis management 's spectrum of services includes strategic advice on positioning vis-à-vis the investigating authorities as well as communication with the public. We also manage and coordinate the overall proceedings with the individual defense lawyers of accused employees and responsible persons.

Effectively, the defence against coercive measures in criminal proceedings (e.g. search, seizure, confiscation, confiscation of property, arrest of assets) is pursued. Coercive measures in criminal proceedings cannot always be prevented and are extremely difficult to predict. However, professional preparation in the form of effective search management (training of staff, preparation of guidelines) helps to effectively limit the negative effects.