Do you want to work independently, on your own initiative and future-oriented in a dynamic environment with the highest quality standards?

An inspiring and innovative working environment in the heart of Munich that offers room for new creative paths and promotes your personal development is important to you?

As a strong and at the same time team player you bring outstanding skills and great commitment?

Then you are right here! Job offers in white collar criminal law & criminal tax law in Munich can be found below!

Job offer white collar criminal law & criminal tax law in Munich

" wants to inspire and stands for modern working in the front office. Independent action and decision-making is characteristic of the legal profession and is therefore encouraged from the very beginning. Flexible, networked and decentralized work in a team is standard."


We believe that we do things differently from the way they have been done in practice. We are convinced that the overall concept must be right in order to achieve the optimum. For our clients, for our employees, for the firm.

As a boutique criminal law firm in the heart of Munich specializing in commercial and tax criminal law and operating both nationally and internationally, we understand the high level of responsibility and passion that must accompany this profession in order for it to be not just any job, but rather a vocation.

We are convinced that it is important to give space. Space for each individual. Room for encouragement, but also for demand. Room for development. Room to experience the path to success.

At first glance, this may sound a bit far-fetched, as we deliberately decided against individual offices and in favor of a large (team) workspace. Exactly for this reason! The path to success lies in unfolding, in team spirit and in trust. In the trust to be able to rely on each other.

We trust that everyone will do his or her best. Intrinsically. Not extrinsically!

That the lived 4.5-day week - with a 100% employment - does not mean that performance is saved, but that energy is refueled.

Please send your detailed application to Katharina von Schirach:

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