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Crisis communication in criminal proceedings

A unique selling point of is its modern and effective "in-house" crisis communication in criminal proceedings.

Thanks to its in-house professional expertise, is able to support its clients with tailor-made crisis communication. Be it in the run-up to the initiation of preliminary proceedings, but also in all stages of the criminal proceedings.

The involvement of external advisors to ensure effective crisis communication is not necessary in this respect. However, we are also happy to work with our clients' existing advisors on a basis of trust. In this way, ensures from the outset that the crisis communication is in line with the defense strategy and has a supportive effect.


Crises are an everyday occurrence and yet they always vary in their form and course. However, all crises have one thing in common: they cannot be planned, do not follow a fixed pattern and are always characterized by extraordinary situations. They are unintentional, dynamic and often threaten the very existence of the company.

However, the crisis as a trigger is always accompanied by an unwanted wave of attention. This can develop into an almost incalculable momentum of its own if crisis communication is lacking or incorrect.

However, there is a ray of hope: Crises are always temporary. And to a certain extent, you can influence their outcome through targeted crisis communication. Crises do not always mean the end of a good time. Crises can also be used as an opportunity if they are handled correctly. Effective crisis communication is essential.

Modern and effective crisis communication in criminal proceedings masters modern and effective crisis communication in criminal proceedings. Both internal and external crisis communication before, but especially during and after a critical incident can be designed, managed and controlled. Crisis communication serves to manage crises or to effectively prevent their occurrence with preventive measures.

With Katharina von has the necessary expertise in business psychology. She also has many years of practical experience from one of the leading communications agencies. She is also a certified expert in digital risk and crisis communication(SPIEGEL Academy).

Whether crisis communication is offensive or defensive depends on the nature of the threat and is worked out and implemented together on a case-by-case basis. As in defense work, the aim is to choose the least intrusive and least reputationally damaging approach possible, which in the best case scenario will allow the client to emerge stronger from the crisis.

We are also happy to support our clients during criminal proceedings through planned and targeted crisis communication - not only with the investigating authorities!