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schirach.law realizes a future-oriented, newly conceived law firm concept in Munich in the field of white collar crime and criminal tax law. The benchmark is the design guideline "Form follows function"which was applied consistently for the first time in the Bauhaus era. Almost 100 years ago, the use of novel materials and technologies opened up revolutionary perspectives; today, digital technologies (including legal tech) are revolutionizing the legal profession.

schirach.law is deliberately focused on the ambitious individual defense of corporate executives (management boards, boards of directors, supervisory boards, managing directors, senior employees) and exposed individuals in the field of white-collar crime and tax criminal law. To work in this field requires, in addition to professional legal qualifications, a passion for economically complex contexts, extensive forensic experience and tactical sensitivity. Nothing less is the claim of this law firm.

Commercial criminal law Munich
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schirach.law pursues a holistic approach in advising and defending clients in white-collar criminal law , which puts the individual in the foreground. The basis is a holistic risk analysis in which not only the criminal law risks are continuously reassessed over the entire duration of the proceedings, but above all the personal and economic situation of the person concerned is taken into account. This includes, in particular, non-criminal consequences, such as those regulated by trade and company law, professional law or civil service and disciplinary law. On the basis of this analysis, a solution-oriented strategy is developed - together with the client - which is flexible so that it can be adapted to the respective procedural situation. This ensures that the client's individual needs are comprehensively taken into account.


schirach.law has already completed the digital change, so that the undivided attention can be paid to the clients. The highest requirements for data protection and data security are fulfilled as standard. Highly secure cloud solutions support an efficient, location-independent and professional working method. Intelligent software solutions structure the file analysis and enable a well-founded processing. Content management systems (CMS) provide the basis for the targeted processing of complex data volumes. The time resources freed up as a result can be used for the content processing of the mandate, thus increasing effectiveness and also saving the client's financial resources.

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schirach.law stands for fast communication and excellent accessibility. Flexibility in terms of time, space and organisation as well as the efficient use of digital technologies enable us to react quickly and purposefully to the rapidly changing requirements of commercial law and criminal tax law. schirach.law is also committed to an extraordinary consulting ambience that actively protects the privacy of our clients. Whether in the discreet offices in Munich or elsewhere, the technical possibilities guarantee an effective handling of clients' cases across national and time borders. In this way, it is possible to combine digital progress with the classic virtues of the legal profession. schirach.law is available when it matters.



"Bad news early is good news." schirach.law masters modern and targeted crisis communication.

Crisis communication serves not only to manage crises , but above all to effectively limit their extent with preventive measures.

Both internal and external communication before, but especially during and after a critical incident can be designed, managed and controlled. This applies to employees, the media, banks, suppliers, customers and authorities, among others.

Whether crisis communication is designed offensively or defensively depends on the nature of the threat and is worked out and implemented together on a case-by-case basis. The goal, as in defense work, is to choose the quietest and most reputation-friendly way possible, which in the best case will allow the client to emerge stronger from the crisis.

Commercial criminal law Munich

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